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IoT in a Box™ Smart Building Control Kit

Building Automation Control



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  • Device Type: Complete Monitoring Kits
  • Application: Building Monitoring
  • Technology: LoRaWAN Compliant
  • Sensor Type:
  • Power:

  • Receive instant alerts when doors open, day or night
  • Increase security by monitoring motion on the property
  • Maximize protection from water damage and flooding

Remotely monitor and protect your properties with 24/7 automated facility monitoring. Save time and costs associated with manual property monitoring. Ideal for properties of any size, this easy and affordable wireless sensor solution instantly notifies you when a problem starts and before it results in significant damage. Monitors water detection, temperature, motion detection and open/close statuses. Install in minutes with low power/long range sensors and a gateway to keep a close eye on your property, at any time, from anywhere.

What’s Included

  • Water leak sensor for placement near plumbing and roofing to detect leaks
  • Temperature sensor for placement in areas where temperature range monitoring is crucial
  • Motion and light detection sensor to track activity and movement in rooms, areas in a building and open spaces, plus check lights in parking lots, garages, walk ways to minimize hazards
  • Open/close sensor to know if a door, window, cabinet is opened or left open
  • Plug-and-play gateway

Contact us for custom IoT in a Box™ packages and unique applications that can meet all your monitoring needs!

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