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GlobalSat LG-S201H LoRa M.O.S.T. Station Gateway

ARM-based LoRa M.O.S.T. Station Gateway



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  • ARM-based M.O.S.T. Station Gateway
  • 1 USB port supported
  • LAN & WiFi enable to connect to internet
  • Long distance data Tx/ Rx
  • LoRa Tx/ Rx function
  • Collect data from LoRa nodes periodically
  • Send command to LoRa nodes
  • Support MOST-Link protocol
  • Enable to connect to different back end applications
  • Internet connective priority: Ethernet -> WiFi -> LTE
  • LTE support (Option, PLS-8)
  • LoRa support (Option, up to 2 LoRa slots, power up to 14 dBm)


LG-S201 LoRa station gateway is a member of GlobalSat M.O.S.T. product family. It is designed as a LoRa gateway which communicates by using LoRa technology in a private eco-system. LG-S201 is an ARM-based with LAN & WiFi capability to the internet. It collects data from tracker periodically and passes the data to backend via internet. It can send commands to trackers when needed. LG-S201 unit acts as a central unit for data Tx/ Rx.

- Support LoRa / LTE/ LAN/ WiFi
- HDMI for instant display

PowerDC 5V/2A
Battery Life
Maximum Operating Temperatures
Device Range1KM~10KM(0.81Kbps)
Device Specifications
Dimensions146 x 104.6 x 47 +/- 0.15 mm
Enclosure Material
Operating Frequency868/915MHz
Packing List
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