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GlobalSat LS-113 LoRaWAN Compliant PM2.5 (Particle), Temperature & Humidity Wireless Sensor

Long-range Low-power PM2.5 (Particle) Sensor

Model : LS-113


MSRP $194.99 - Save $45.00 (23.08%)


MSRP $194.99 - Save $45.00 (23.08%)
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Configuration Options

  • LoRaWAN compliant
  • High Receiver Sensitivity and long range solution
  • Integrated with calibrated Dust Particles sensor
    Range: 0-500 ug/m3
  • Integrated with Compensated Temp/ RH sensor
  • Wide range DC power-in, 8~24V /or Micro-USB DC power-in, 5V
  • Display PM2.5 concentration, Temp/ RH


LS-113 series are designed to measure Particle, Temperature and Humidity by LoRa long-range and low-power wireless connectivity. It is integrated LoRa wireless technology, Laser dust (PM2.5) sensor knowhow and high-performance MCU solution for various IoT markets usage. With calibrated dust (PM2.5) sensor module and compensated Temperature/ Humidity sensor integration, the data is ready for use. It is perfect to detect the dust in the air, like air purifier, air conditioner and air monitor.

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