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Monnit MNS-9-AC-IN-P3 Industrial Accelerometer - Profile 3 - G-Force Impact - Lithium Battery (AA) / Grade: Industrial

Industrial Accelerometer - Profile 3 - G-Force Impact



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Monnit's industrial wireless accelerometer activates at given time intervals to measure the intensity and frequency of movement or if g-force exceeds a user defined threshold. Place this sensor on constantly moving objects to take periodic measurements of their movement, or on running machinery to be alerted if movement exceeds a certain threshold.

This version of the accelerometer activates when g-forces are exceeded by a user defined threshold - up to 8 g-force. The user can key in the desired threshold for the g-force trigger. This sensor has two operation modes that can be also selected by the user: High Performance and Low Power. High Performance has an output data rate of 800 Hz with the High Pass Filter cutoff at 16 Hz while the Low Power has an output data rate of 12.5 Hz with the High Pass Filter cutoff at 0.25 Hz.

These accelerometers do not "stream" continuous data. Please reference the data sheet for further information.

Product Features
  • 900 MHz Operating Frequency
  • Replaceable, Single AA, 2500mAH, 3.6V Battery
  • -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
  • 300 - 350 ft. non-line-of-sight device range*
  • Up to 5 Year Battery Life.**
  • IP66 NEMA 4X, CE rated, sealed, weatherproof enclosure.
  • FCC and IC certified.
  * Actual range may vary depending on environment.
** Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.
PowerReplaceable, Single AA, 2500mAH, 3.6V Battery
Battery LifeUp to 5 Year Battery Life.
CertificationsComplies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. (FCC ID: ZTL-RFSC1)
Complies with Industry Canada standards. (IC: 9794A-RFSC1)
Maximum Operating Temperatures-40 to 85C (-40 to 185F)
Device Range300 - 350 ft. non-line-of-sight device range
Device SpecificationsAccelerometer Specifications
Optimal Battery Operating Temperature: +10C to +50C (+50F to +122F)
Sensitivity: 096 count/g
Sensitivity Range: 2.0 g
Measurement Accuracy: 2.5 %
Minimum G Force to Turn On/Wake Up: 0.050 g - 0.100 g
Fastest Update Interval/Heart Rate in Any Configuration: 1 Minute Sampling Rate: 500 Samples/Sec.
Current Consumption: 0.7 A (sleep mode), 2mA (radio idle/off mode), 2mA (measurement mode), 25mA (radio RX mode), 35mA (radio TX mode)
Data Rate: 12.5 Hz Low Power, 800 Hz High Performance
High Pass Filter: 0.25 Hz Low Power, 16 Hz High Performance
Measurement Current: 6 uA Low Power, 165 uA High Performance
Dimensions3.7 in x 2.32 in x 1.38 in
ApplicationsInclination and vibration testing
Assembly line monitoring
Orientation sensing
Smart machines, smart structures and smart materials
Impact load sensing
Enclosure MaterialIP66 NEMA 4X, CE rated, sealed, weatherproof enclosure.
Operating Frequency900Mhz (N. America)
Packing ListIndustrial Sensor
High Gain Antenna
Single 3V AA Battery (pre-installed inside sealed sensor housing)
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