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This is the new solar-powered tracker which never needs battery replacement. Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution for engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring for portable construction equipment as well as tracking intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats.
The "asset ready" design allows it to be easily installed and field managed without the need for harnesses, antennas, or external power. The SmartOne is powered by NiMH batteries charged by the integrated solar cells, providing maintenance-free operation for decades.
The SmartOne utilizes motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and custom configured sensors to gather and transmit asset status information. Each SmartOne is configured to track its asset's specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email and/or text/cellular ( satcomm airtime and tracking portal not included, see "options" listed below).

Quick installation using either industrial adhesives or screw mounts
Total packaged solution requires no harnesses, no external power and no external antenna
Change of location sensing sends alerts if asset moves outside of pre-determined range
Messaging cost reduction mode: reduced satellite messaging if asset remains in same location
Run time monitoring
Hardware on/off feature allows the unit to initiate GPS re-centering functionality
Accepts serial signals from device sensors

Input Cable
USB Configuration Cable
Serial Cable
Configuration Software
Software configuration tool easily installs on PCs
Configures multiple units simultaneously
**To use this tracker, you must select a tracking plan from the configuration dropdown above. Otherwise, Satcomm airtime is NOT included with unit. Also, tracking Back-end is not included with unit, you must be able to send device output to a server for storage and display of location data.**
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