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OriginGPS Multi Nano Spider ORG4500-R01 / GPS-GNSS Receiver Module (MPN: ORG4500-R01)

World's Smallest GPS/GNSS Module

Model : Multi Nano Spider ORG4500-R01


MSRP $39.22 - Save $3.57 (9.10%)


MSRP $39.22 - Save $3.57 (9.10%)
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Multi Nano Spider†(ORG4500)
GPS Module, 4.1x4.1x2.1mm,

Ultra small, fully integrated, high performance
The Spider ORG4500 is a fully-integrated, highly-sensitive GNSS module. Designed to support ultra-compact applications, such as smart watches, wearable devices, trackers and digital cameras, the ORG4500 is a miniature GPS+Glonass receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view, and provides real-time positioning data in standard NMEA format.

Fully integrated in a small form factor
Measuring only 4.1◊4.1◊2.1mm, the Spider ORG4500 is a fully integrated GNSS module. Unlike similarly sized GPS modules, this ultra-compact module includes LNA, SAW filter, TCXO and RTC crystal as well as a power management unit.

Outstanding performance and sensitivity
The Spider ORG4500 module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid time to first fix (TTFF) in less than one second, accuracy of approximately 1.5 meters, and the tracking sensitivity of -163dBm.

Low power consumption
The Spiderís architecture can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals by maintaining, and opportunistically updating, its internal fine time, frequency, and ephemeris data, thereby achieving a state of near-continuous availability, while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.

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