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Michrosat Iridium 9603

Model : Iridium_9603


MSRP $478.80 - Save $79.80 (16.67%)


MSRP $478.80 - Save $79.80 (16.67%)
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A Revolution In Scale
Small Transceiver, Huge Potential

With the smallest form factor of any commercial satellite transceiver available today, the 9603 is ideal for space constrained applications including monitoring, tracking and alarm systems. A quarter of the volume and half the footprint of its predecessor, the 9602, the 9603 combines the global coverage of the Iridium satellite constellation with the low latency of the Iridium Short Burst Data service to provide highly reliable satellite communications from pole to pole. Why push boundaries when you can erase them?

The 9603 redefines the spatial possibilities of satellite communications devices, delivering significant data capabilities and good value. Bringing more opportunities to expand the Iridium connected user base, the 9603 delivers:

- Mobile-originated messages (up to 340 bytes)
- Mobile-terminated messages (up to 270 bytes)
- Low, uniform global latency (less than 1 minute)

How it works.....

A single-board core transceiver, the 9603 comes in 'black box' format. All device interfaces are provided through a single, multi-pin interface connector and an antenna connector, with additional end-user field application functions (e.g., GPS, microprocessor-based logic control, digital and analogue inputs and outputs, power supply and antenna) provided by the solution developer. The 9603 transceiver does not incorporate or require a SIM card. Its device interface consists of a serial interface, power input, network available output and power on/off control line.
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