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USGlobalsat- GPS Data Logger

Full-featured GPS data point logger, perfect for hikers, runners, cyclists. No monthly fees!!

Model : DG100


MSRP $84.50 - Save $19.50 (23.08%)


MSRP $84.50 - Save $19.50 (23.08%)
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For hikers, bikers or anyone who requires a passive data logger to record and store waypoints from traveled routes will find the DG-100 to be the perfect solution. The GlobalSat DG-100 travel recorder allows you to record exactly where you or anyone else has traveled via GPS. It records time, date, traveling speed, altitude, duration and GPS location at preset intervals and can record up to 60,000 waypoints to its internal memory.

The included Windows-based interface utility needs to be installed to your PC prior to use. Once programmed, activities can be accurately recorded with the corresponding position of the slide-watch and can be exported to view on GoogleEarth or GoogleMaps to view the traveled routes if pictures have been taken by your digital camera.

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