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Peplink Balance 310 | MidSize Multi-WAN 1U-Rack Router
3 WAN, 4 LAN (10/100) / QoS / VPN / Load Balancing

Multi-WAN router (3 WAN) with 6 Fast Ethernet ports, supports up to 50 users.

Model : EW-BAL310

A reliable Internet (WAN) connection is the single most important network connection to your server or business. Hence, many Mid-Sized businesses are choosing to add two or more Internet lines (DSL, Cable, Cellular) to keep their business running in case of an Internet network failure. This affordable multi-WAN router can support a combination of DSL / Cable modems, either as a backup connection OR load balancing to distribute the network traffic across multiple WANS. For companies using VoIP services (Vonage, Skype, etc.) the built-in QoS features assures priortization for your digital voice service. Other advanced features include:
- (3) WAN / (4) LAN (10/100)
- 50Mbps Throughput (Recommended for 1-50 users)
- QoS for VoIP, SIP ALG, Vonage Support and E-Commerce
- VPN (Recommend up to 15 PPTP VPN users)
- Load Balancing (7 Algorithms)
- Bandwidth Monitoring
- Supports PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP,GRE
- NAT and IP Forwarding
- Configurable Static Routes
- Port Forwarding
- Many to One, One to One NAT
- WINS Server
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