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USGlobalSat LM-130EVB

Low Power Wide Area Network Data Communication Driving Infinite IoT Possibilities

Model : LM-130EVB


MSRP $128.70 - Save $29.70 (23.08%)


MSRP $128.70 - Save $29.70 (23.08%)
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  • Wireless Standard:
  • Form Factor:
  • Chipset:
  • Frequency: 868/915MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

  • LoRaWAN™ compliant Evaluation Board
  • RF ISM band evaluation kit, supports 868/915 MHz
  • Long range transmission (1km to 10km)
  • 2-way duplex communication
  • High penetration and strong anti-interference capability
  • Push button and temp/humidity sensor for testing and simulation
  • Build-in 820mA battery
  • LED status indication
  • For coverage and loading test
  • For GW & NS inter-operability test
  • For pre-deployment evaluation

The LM-130EVB LoRa® Node is a LoRaWAN™ Class A end-node device based on the GlobalSat LM-130 module which is a LoRaWAN™ certified module . The LM-130EVB is a standalone battery powered node with power management, it includes humidity and temperature sensors to generate data, which are transmitted either on a regular schedule (can be configure) or initiated by a button-press. This node provides a convenient platform to quickly demonstrate the long-range and low power consumption capabilities of the modem, as well as interoperability when connected to LoRaWAN™ v1.0 compliant gateways and the infrastructure.

The LM-130EVB also provides a standard USB interface for connection to a host computer, providing a bridge to the UART interface of the LM-130 module. As with all LoRaWanTM compliant of products, it can also help developers to develop the applications rapidly, including hardware and software design by using high level ASCII command to control the protocol, before the end product is ready.
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