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Low Power Wide Area Network Data Communication Driving Infinite IoT Possibilities

Model : LORA-DVK


MSRP $389.99 - Save $90.00 (23.08%)


MSRP $389.99 - Save $90.00 (23.08%)
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  • Wireless Standard:
  • Form Factor:
  • Chipset:
  • Frequency: 862-1020MHz
  • Operating Temperature:

The GlobalSat RF LoRa LPWAN Development Kit allows you to test the possibilities of Low Power Wide Area Network communication through LoRA technology for Internet-of-Things applications. Start with any Windows based system such as a laptop, tablet, or mini-computer with a standard USB port and create a LoRa base station that can receive LoRA transmitted data (obtained from sensors, etc.) from the included LoRa RF Modules from a distance of 1km to 10km. The base station can send this data to cloud servers that can be accessed via the internet from anywhere around the world

Benefits of LoRa LPWAN:
  • Long Range / Wide Coverage (1k to 10km)
  • Low Power Consumption - Weeks, not just days of tracking
  • No Monthly Service Fees like traditional cellular based systems

Start designing your LoRa LPWAN Product today!

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