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QNAP TS-231P2-4G-US Annapurna Labs AL-314, 4-core 1.7GHz

TS-451+ (8GB RAM version) 4-Bay Next Gen Personal Cloud NAS, Intel 2.0GHz Quad-Core CPU with Media Transcoding

Model : TS-231P2-4G-US


MSRP $357.94 - Save $46.69 (13.04%)


MSRP $357.94 - Save $46.69 (13.04%)
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  • Annapurna Labs AL-314, 4-core1.7GHz
  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Dimension: x x
  • Storage: 3 x USB 3.0 port (Front x1; Rear x 2)
  • Temperature: 0-40?C

The TS-231P2 features three USB 3.0 ports and dual Gigabit LAN ports, delivering outstanding multitasking performance for your backup, synchronization, and remote access needs on a secure private cloud. The quad-core TS-231P2 provides powerful hardware capabilities, enabling Qfiling (automated file organization) and Qsirch (full-text search) for more intelligent day-to-day NAS use. Many feature-rich apps are available to enhance your productivity & digital life, including Notes Station (create digital notes on a secure private cloud and share with colleagues and friends), QmailAgent (centralize email account management and back up emails), and Qcontactz (centrally store and manage contact information). The TS-231P2 also supports Snapshots, allowing you to easily restore your TS-231P2 to a previous state in the event of an unexpected NAS failure or when struck by a ransomware attack. Whatís more, you can now integrate various IoT devices into your TS-231P2 and quickly develop, deploy, and host IoT applications with QNAPís innovative QIoT Suite Lite.
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