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Embest Embedded-PI

Arduino Shield Accessability on the Raspberry Pi

Model : Embedded-PI


MSRP $69.99 - Save $9.99 (14.27%)


MSRP $69.99 - Save $9.99 (14.27%)
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Key Features

  • Provides Raspberry Pi with easy access to abundant Arduino shields.
    * Compatible with both 5V and 3.3V Arduino shields, selectable with jumpers
    * Hundreds of Arduino shields available on the market enhance the control capability of Raspberry Pi, e.g. to control Motor, sensors, etc.
  • Brings 32-bit ARM MCU into the world of Arduino.
    * 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103RB MCU operating at 72MHz, with 128KB Flash, 20KB RAM, motor control, USB, and CAN
    * Hundreds of Arduino shields available on the market with extremely portable drivers provided or to be shared by CooCox and CoFans
    * A complete set of FREE CooCox tools for ARM development
    * A common footprint next to Arduino footprint for connection with expansion daughter cards which will be developed by CooCox
  • Raspberry Pi and the STM32 MCU can work independently or in conjunction with each other to control the Arduino shields or other accessories.
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