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Embest Mini3250 NXP ARM 926EJ-S 266MHz

64MB SDRAM, 128MB NandFlash, 2MB NorFlash USB OTG, LCD, Touch Screen, TF, RTC, JTAG, two 2.0mm pitch 3-line 27-pin expansion connectors

Model : Mini3250


MSRP $125.35 - Save $16.35 (13.04%)


MSRP $125.35 - Save $16.35 (13.04%)
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  • CPU: NXP ARM 926EJ-S 266MHz
  • System Memory: 64MB
  • Form Factor: Processor Card
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70C
  • Dimensions: 75 x 55 x mm

  •     Dimensions: 75mm x 55mm
  •     Temperature: 0 to +70 Celsius
  •     NXP LPC3250 ARM926EJ-S Core microprocessor (compatible with NXP LPC3220/LPC3230/LPC3240 processors)
    •     - with a 32 KB instruction cache and a 32 KB data cache
    •     - with up to 256 KB of internal SRAM
    •     - can work at up to 266MHz
  •     Vector Floating Point (VFP) co-processor
  •     64Mbyte SDRAM
  •     128Mbyte Nand Flash
  •     4Mbyte Nor Flash
  •     One 40-pin LCD interface (with touch screen interface)
  •     One TF card socket
  •     One USB OTG 2.0 connector, mini-B type, with ESD protection
  •     32768Hz RTC
  •     Watchdog timer, supported with the microprocessor
  •     One power indicator
  •     One programmable LED
  •     One JTAG port on the rear of the board
  •     Two 2.0mm pitch 3-line 27-pin connectors (7 UARTs, Ethernet and all IOs are led out via the two connectors.)


Embest Mini3250 processor card is designed as a compact, stable, and reliable ARM-based embedded controller board. It is ready to be the core of your new product. Measuring only 75mm by 55mm, however it has integrated one LCD connector, one TF card socket and one USB 2.0 OTG port on board, which helps to speed up your development sharply.

The Mini3250 processor card is based on NXP's 32-bit LPC3250 ARM926EJ-S core microcontroller which is amongst LPC3000 series, the only ARM9 microcontroller that provides a vector floating-point co-processor. The LPC3000 series is able to run in ultra-low-power mode even down to 0.9V, as well as the lowest power consumption. The LPC3000 series owns abundant peripheral resource; one of the most distinguishing features is to provide 7 UART controllers, which is rare in ARM microprocessors. With such outstanding performance, the Mini3250 processor card is perfect to be employed in Industrial field, Medical Equipment, Intelligent Instrument, Consumer Electronics, Communication Product, and etc.

Due to the same footprint of LPC3000 series, Embest Mini3250 processor card CPU is able to compatible with LPC3220, LPC3230 and LPC3240. It enables customers to choose the most appropriate product on their demand.

The Mini3250 core board can be mounted directly onto the expansion board of Embest DevKit3250. The whole integrated design has exposed many of LPC3250's features and allows a flexible way of updating Mini3250's capabilities.

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