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Embedded Works EW-CA31 Type N RF Cable Assembly

SMA male with 16 feet of CLF200 (low-loss) cable +N-male connector

Model : EW-CA31


MSRP $39.99 - Save $10.99 (27.48%)


MSRP $39.99 - Save $10.99 (27.48%)
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  • Connector Type: Type N
  • Frequency Range: 300MHz-6GHz
  • Power: 50W
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Dimensions: 203.2 x 165.1 x mm

This RF Cable Assembly is commonly used for Cellular modems and routers. Most outdoor antennas come with an N-Female connector which will attach directly to this cable. This assembly uses the higher quality/ low-loss CLF200 cable, 16 ft in length which has approx. .15 dB per foot (@1800Mhz) loss.
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