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Embedded Works EW-SimExt94

miniPCIe extender

Model : EW-SimExt94


MSRP $44.85 - Save $5.85 (13.04%)


MSRP $44.85 - Save $5.85 (13.04%)
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  • Connector Type: PCI-e
  • Frequency Range:
  • Power: 0
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Dimensions: 165.1 x 88.9 x

EW-SimExt94 mPCIe Extender is a debug and test tool. Design the FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) cable for flexible use. Not only for Full-size MiniCard adapter but also Half-size MiniCard by removing extra Full-size extensions. The mPCI-Eextender is designed to minimize the signal degradation effects of the extender by proven design techniques. It's also a powerful tool for engineers and factory tests.
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