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Embedded Works EW-PCIe-013 PCI-e Interface Adapter

PCI-Express to PCI-Express Extender with 3" FLEX Cable

Model : EW-PCIe-013


MSRP $99.99 - Save $22.99 (22.99%)


MSRP $99.99 - Save $22.99 (22.99%)
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  • Connector Type: PCI-e
  • Frequency Range:
  • Power:
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Dimensions: x x mm

Need more room to analyze that PCI-Express socket / bus? This PCI-Express Extender is ideal for extending the PCIe bus from underneath the laptop. Also, it is great for embedded boards where you need to analyze each bus pin. By removing the power jumpers, it allows powers from external sources to power the PCI EXPRESS Mini card. Therefore, voltage margins can be performed through external power sources. Current measurements can be performed by removing the zero ohm resistors on the power rails and bridged the pads with an ammeter. Precision current measurement can also be performed by replacing the zero ohm resistors with optional Current Sensing Resistors. This assembly consists of three parts, a bottom pieces that plug into a PCIe-Mini connector, a set of flexible cables and a top piece with a PCIe-Mini connector.
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