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Embedded Works EW-PCI-012 PCI-e Interface Adapter

PCI-to-PCI Debugger Extender

Model : EW-PCI-012


MSRP $154.99 - Save $30.99 (19.99%)


MSRP $154.99 - Save $30.99 (19.99%)
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  • Connector Type: PCI-e
  • Frequency Range:
  • Power:
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Dimensions: 160.02 x 55.88 x mm

This is a PCI extender with jumpers to analyze each individual PIC line. It features pluggable fuses, power indicating LEDs, header pins for logic analyzer hook up, prototype area and optional right angle PCI connector (on solder side), at upper or lower position. By changing the position of the pluggable fuses, it allows power from the motherboard or from an external source to power the PCI board, on top of the PCIEX4 extender. Therefore, the voltage margin can be performed through an external power source and current measurement can be performed by removing the fuse and bridged with an ammeter. An extra row of ground pins is placed next to the header pins, so users with high speed probes can have many closely grounded points. The latest version supports the PCIX spec.
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