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Taoglas TI.18.3113 Dipole (Rubber Duck) Lora-433 / 868 / 915MHz

3dBi 868MHz ISM Band Dipole Terminal, Hinged 90 degree

Model : TI.18.3113



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MSRP $14.99 - Save $0.00 (0.00%)
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  • Antenna Type: Dipole (Rubber Duck)
  • Frequency: Lora-433 / 868 / 915MHz
  • Power Gain:
  • Connector:
  • Application: LoRa / LoRaWAN

TI.18 is high performance 868MHz ISM band dipole omni-directional antenna. The SMA connector is for general purpose used and the hinged design enables the antenna to be positioned at its most suitable angle. For a lot of antenna applications, such as Wi-Fi Hotspot or cellular Pico-cell, the antenna of the operator’s device and the antenna of the user’s remote device are not on the same horizontal level. So rather than having the usual dipole antenna with dumbbell shape radiation pattern in the E-plane cross-section, we have designed this antenna with butterfly shape radiation pattern. This way, the best radiation direction of TI.19 will be more pointed to the remote user.
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