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Taoglas WLP.4958.12.4.A.02 - 1 dBi Gain, WiFi/ WLAN Antenna

Ceramic 4900~5825MHz Bluetooth-Wi-Fi-Zigbee Patch Antenna

Model : WLP.4958.12.4.A.02



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MSRP $0.00
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This 12mm*12mm*4mm 6dBi high gain 4.9~5.8GHz patch pin fed antenna is ideally suited for high performance industrial and consumer applications in Wi-fi, ISM, Public Safety, and Zigbee bands. It can also be placed anywhere on the device ground-plane, unlike most chip or loop antennas which need to be edge mounted. The antenna can be matched by a PI matching circuit, or by creating a custom tuned part for a specific layout configuration on a board. Many module manufacturers specify peak gain limits for any antennas that are to be connected to that module. Those peak gain limits are based on free-space conditions. In practice, the peak gain of an antenna tested in free-space can degrade by at least 1 or 2dBi when put inside a device. So ideally you should go for a slightly higher peak gain antenna than mentioned on the module specification to compensate for this effect, giving you better performance.

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