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Taoglas SGP.1575.25.4.D.02 - 1 dBi Gain, Evaluation Board Antenna

SMT Mounted Ceramic GPS Patch antenna (tape & reel)-ublox evaluation

Model : SGP.1575.25.4.D.02



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MSRP $0.00
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This ceramic GPS patch antenna is based on smart XtremeGain™ technology. It is mounted via SMT process and has been tuned as the optimal solution for the ublox C16-G25Q GSM/GPS Integrated reference Design. The C16-G25Q GSM/GPS reference design is a complete and integrated solution for telematics applications such as fleet management, asset tracking, road pricing, and security/surveillance. It demonstrates the integration of u-blox’ NEO-5Q GPS receiver with a LEON-G200 GPRS/GSM module. This 100% SMD solution uses SMT passive GPS (Taoglas SGP.25D) and GSM antenna (Taoglas PA.25A) and an on-board SIM Chip with activated phone number (SIM holder optional for mechanical (SIM). On the test fixture of 63.2 x 50.03 mm (GND Plane) the antenna has a centre frequency of 1567MHz ± 3MHz

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