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Taoglas PAD.71X.A Surface Mount / Patch 2 dBi

Reflection PA.710 & PA.711 SMT Antennas on EVB

Model : PAD.71X.A



MSRP $99.99 - Save $1.00 (1.00%)


MSRP $99.99 - Save $1.00 (1.00%)
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  • Antenna Type: Surface Mount / Patch
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Power Gain: 2 dBi
  • Connector:
  • Application: Evaluation Board

The Gemini LTE MIMO 2*2 Embedded Antenna is the only compact MIMO antenna solution for the world LTE M2M and Internet of Things (IOT) market of today. Gemini has two antenna elements, the existing PA.710 LTE MIMO ceramic antenna successfully used in many LTE MIMO devices today, along with its new brother the PA.711 LTE MIMO ceramic antenna. By altering the radiation pattern of the PA.711 to that of the PA.710 (similar to reflecting), Taoglas has created the world’s first high efficiency MIMO embedded wide-band cellular antenna conforming to an envelope correlation coefficient of below 0.3. This minimal self interference is critical to achieve high data rates in today’s advanced LTE systems. The patent pending antenna is ideal for integration into high data throughput devices which depend on high efficiency MIMO antennas. Typical applications:
- Intelligent Transport Systems
- High Definition Video Broadcast Systems
- Wireless LTE MIMO M2M devices with legacy 2G/3G Functionality
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