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Taoglas FXP40.07.0085A - 5 dBi Gain, LTE/ GPS Antenna

Quad-Band GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS Flexible Antenna with 85mm 1.13 IPEX MHFI

Model : FXP40.07.0085A



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MSRP $0.00
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The FXP40 is a super small monopole ultra-low profile antenna for GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS quad bands. The FXP40 has a peak gain of 1.3dBi and efficiencies of 56%. It is made from poly-flexible material, has a tiny form factor (42.6mm*12.1mm*0.15mm) and has double-sided 3M tape for easy “peel and stick” mounting. Across the bands and is designed to be mounted directly onto a plastic. It is an ideal choice for any device maker that needs to keep manufacturing costs down over the lifetime of a product. The cables length can be customizable for customers.

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