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700-2700 MHz / LTE 700Mhz=4dBi GSM/CDMA 800-950Mhz=3dBi 1700-2800=3dBi gain Dipole LTE/cell/Wifi Antenna

Model : EW-0727MAG


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. FLAT TYPE 700-960/1575-2700MHz Dipole 1-4 dBi . Circular Magnetic-mount base , with RG174 cable (2M) and SMA-Male connector. This antenna is ideal for 4G LTE USA bands, with high gain in the 700-800Mhz band 13 and 17. for LTE, you will need 2 antennas, since LTE uses a MIMO technology utilizing 1 antenna for transmit and 1 for receive. Can be used indoor or outdoors.

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