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Taoglas ISA.05.A.033822 - LoRa / LoRaWAN Antenna

915MHz Adhesive ABS Mount Antenna with 0.3M 1.13 IPEX MHFI

Model : ISA.05.A.033822



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MSRP $0.00
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The Taoglas ISA.05 adhesive mounted antenna is designed primarily for 915 MHz ISM Band compact wireless applications where it may or may not be attached to metal. When placed on a reference 30cm square ground-plane, the antenna has an excellent directional hemispherical radiation pattern, high peak gain of 5dBi at zenith, and an efficiency of 68%. Even without a ground-plane underneath, the antenna achieves 0dBi and an efficiency of 45%. The antenna is IP65 water-resistant and comes standard with a Micro-Coaxial cable with 1.37mm diameter and IPEX MHFHT connector. The Taoglas ISA.05 is an excellent solution for the following applications: - Environments where there are lots of metal objects that it may be mounted to (such as near a car engine) - RFID Readers - Short range 915MHz mesh networks
  • Double-Sided 3M Adhesive Mounted Antenna
  • 5dBi Peak Gain mounted on 30cm Square Ground
  • 0dBi Peak Gain In Free Space
  • Dimensions: 80x50.5x11 mm
  • 300 mm ?1.37 cable
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