Embedded Works
SensorWorks began as an "everything sensors related" marketplace that would allow customers the products, tools, and support to design and build their own edge of IoT devices. As our customer engagements grew and our IoT strategic partners flourished, it was apparent that many customers were looking for complete "out-of-the-box" sensor solutions to build up Smart Businesses, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and Smart Agricultural applications. Today we offer easy to install Sensor kits that target Restaurant & Food Services, Pharmaceutical Refrigeration, School Cafeterias, Perishable Food Manufacturing, Meat Packing & Storage, Supermarkets & Convenience Stores, Heavy Machinery Preventive Maintenance, Asset Tracking, Building Safety and Security, and the list goes on. SensorWorks is both a brand and marketplace of Embedded Works Corporation, a wireless technology distributor, integrator, and pioneer in M2M/IoT since 2004.
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